“I thought your presentation was very thought-provoking, most interesting and a much needed stimulus for a bunch of “left-brainers” like us.” 

Ned Bradley, CEO, Home News Enterprises
“Dylan, the pleasure was ours.  Everyone enjoyed your message reinforced by your gifted ability on the keyboard.  Thanks for helping to make our summit a great success.” 

Rick Ott, Vice President and General Manager, VF Corp.
“I had the privilege of hearing Dylan Savage play the piano and present a workshop on creativity at a recent professional development conference.  His session lasted ninety minutes and it was terrific, and too short!  Dylan was entertaining, engaging, witty, personable, and perceptive.  He was able to get a diverse group of sixty attendees thoroughly involved in the session.  We laughed and cheered loudly.” 

Tom Cath, Director of Career Services, DePauw University
“I just wanted to let you know how much I benefited from your creativity presentation at the Home News Enterprises management retreat.  Your ideas, enthusiasm and yes, creativity, gave me a whole new perspective on looking at ways to solve problems.” 

Susan McHugh, Publisher, Eastside Weekend
“Thank you for you your wonderful presentation to our Career Development Professionals of Indiana professional association.  Your wit and creative training made the hour and a half presentation go too fast.”  “The use of music during your listening exercises were a good reminder about focusing on non-verbal behaviors and expressions as well as verbal statements.” 

Tim Stiles, Director of Career Services, Franklin College
“I want to congratulate you on the innovative and helpful presentation you made during our recent management retreat.  The comparisons you drew between the creative process in music and the creative process in business were both enlightening and challenging.  As a music illiterate, I must admit I was somewhat skeptical about how much I could get out of such a program and how helpful such a session would be.  I was delighted to discover that your presentation was not only understandable but quite meaningful.” 

Bud Herron, Publisher, Daily Journal
“Creativity is something not everyone feels he has in ample quantity.  Your instruction on how we can place ourselves in a creative frame of mind and find creative solutions to perplexing problems in business was very exciting.  You certainly offer techniques that are revolutionary to the business world.” 

Bud Herron