Live performance opens the mind to absorb critical-need business skills in compelling and illuminating ways.
Dr. Savage’s workshops and performance-lectures are designed to be educational and engaging, delivering insightful and informative content through word and music.
Words define.  Music demonstrates.
The combination is indelible!

Workshop and lecture topics:

  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration/Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Authenticity
  • Practice
  • Improvisation
  • Communication
  • Focus
  • Continuous Improvement

Questions Savage answers

  • What is innovation? Can it be sustainable?
  • What is creativity? Can it be learned?
  • What is effective communication?
    What are its basic building blocks?
  • What is focus? Can it be taught?
  • What does successful collaboration look like?
    How does it work?
  • How does improvisation apply to business?
    How does it work?
  • What is authenticity?
    Why is it important in the workplace?
Connection to music: What’s music got to do with those topics? Plenty! As a professional classical musician, Dylan Savage expertly demonstrates the very skills you want to improve. To produce coherent and compelling sounds from the piano, he has had to innovate, create, continuously improve, collaborate, communicate, improvise, problem-solve, and focus.
It’s different: Seated at a piano keyboard, Savage talks about a particular topic and performs frequent musical examples to illustrate concepts and points. Savage presents his lecture and workshop topics from the perspective of a concert pianist.
What you learn: A topic or skill is first defined, then demonstrated through music as a process, and finally shown how it can be transferred and applied to fit the client’s needs.
Delivery: Each lecture or workshop is delivered in an ‘edutainment’ format – educative and fun. When it’s fun, the message sticks!
Products: hour-long performance lectures (maximum three per day), full and half-day workshops (interactive)
Presentation uses: featured talks, workshops, and clinics